The Temple of The Fallen


During the heyday of the northern parts of Cyrunia, economy and wisdom blossomed in the sheltering arms of Cyrand, nourishing people with treats for both mind and body. As a token of illumination and overall well-being, there stood an impressive temple with the whitest of walls and ceilings in all the central lands. With its building methods officially untold, but still open for everyone, the temple became popular because of its exceptional atmospheric gift to mentally, and sometimes even physically heal its visitor from various types of burden.


To be a leading caretaker of this grand place of holiness was one of the most wanted and appreciated deeds. However, the assignment or the job ad was rarely publicized, so the identity of the chosen one usually remained as a festive secret no one dared to deliberately reveal. As a special feature, the walls were let to be decorated by the markings carved by the countless pilgrims and wanderers during the centuries. Consisting of all kinds of texts from confessions of love to the most tricky riddles, the walls of this temple are said to hold something very valuable that relates to the enigmatic crystalline throne, located near in the tower of Cyrand.


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