The Fantoms´ Grove


Always avoided as the most inscrutable and dangerous place in all the lands, the grove has survived the countless decades of the human dominance around its foggy borders. Covering a significantly large area, the partly swampy grove and the possible horrors inside has fed the imagination of ruling men throughout the ages. The most treacherous feature of this mystical place is its seemingly clear and thus alluring entrances, as they eventually turn out to become almost impregnable once the terrified victim tries to return to his trails. As the tricky swamps make it impossible for any larger troops to make a succesful rush to solve the mystery, the only option remains as if some bold, yet sporadic campaigns would be launched by some young and ambitious adventurers.

After the several tragedies for even the most accomplished groups of veteran soldiers, the attempts have slowly become more and more infrequent. As even the last choice of burning the whole grove down to ashes turned out as impossible due to the excessive moisture in the area, The Fantoms´ Grove is officially let to be in all its shadows. All the few lucky ones who ever have managed to escape the dreadful grasp of the grove, have made the common notice of some woodworks being executed, resulting in some structures of inadequate design. Also some kind of neighing was heard coming from the inner areas. As all the notices during the times have proved to be similar, it is therefore taken as a fact, that something, that lives there in those circumstances unbearable for Men, can touch, control and shape its surroundings.


Because of the many accidents being happened to both children and adults, numerous plates around its borders say; ”The Fantoms´ Grove. No walking at dusk time!”


The Fantoms´ Grove and the nearby temple together truly makes an ultimate contrast between Light and Dark.



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