The Aerie Mountains


A vast mountains with countless valleys for both friendly and hostile tribes. Marks the eastern border with straight line down to the south, continuing upwards to the north and ending at the shores of The Sea of Mist. As no significant threat has ever felt coming from the area, no thorough excavations has been done to fully chart the area. Around the valleys visited by the human race, structures in many inaccessible places has been seen decorated with the finest of touch, hence the name Aerie Mountains. Due to the unwillingness to share a language with an overall reserved ethos combined, people in the area and their accurate history remains hidden somewhere in the sacred cave paintings.


Furs from the mountains´ rare wolves are one of the most sought-after garments in the whole central lands for the wanderers in the heights, sometimes priced even higher than the finely crafted weaponry made by the famous weaponsmiths of Artturoc. Strongholds are planned to be built in the area between the mountains and the sea to support the trade with the mountaineers, once, or if the ongoing war can be won. South of the mountains, the border and the economy there suffer greatly because of the constant battles between the enchanted intruders and Cyrunian diminishing elite troops. Refugees fleeing east have reported as being taken slaves by the wastelands´ marauding hordes, so a constant movement to the west is putting unbearable burden on the small villages along the way.



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